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  1. Thrive For Promotion Professionalism


    Dudu Geva

    As everything is so easy in these digital instant access days, it can seem that any old Joe can do the things that the seasoned professionals can do.

    You can go on YouTube or iTunes and you’ll see “experts” explaining things that you want to know, but you can always tell when it’s someone who has the experience, rather than someone who is just one page ahead of you in the textbook.

    To overcome this, the key thing to remember is to know what you’re talking about.

    It’s no good being a chancer because when it gets to the hard parts of the job, then perhaps you’re inexperience will leave others in bigger trouble than you originally might have thought.

    This is apparent in more and more cases when it comes to band and event promotions, because as I’ve said previously in my blog (which just so happens to be deleted and gone forever :( ), it can be achieved with little work, but that would only be for one offs.

    I am soon to be starting a podcast again, and the series will be about how you can become an event promoter.

    If you are thinking of becoming an events promoter, I suggest that you get through the whole series before even booking your first venue.

    That’s purely because I want to give you all my experience and knowledge of the business to date.

    Knowing the business and experiencing the business are two things very different from each other, and that’s what I see as a good thing when it comes to professionalism,

    When you know how to tackle a problem, no matter how big or small, you can deal with it promptly, if you have the experience.

    It’s like the old saying goes, don’t run before you can walk.

    Take your time, and you’ll learn so much more with your eyes and ears open.