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  1. Does FREE mean Priceless

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    I am trying to encourage musicians to start giving away their music for free.

    Convincing them that the best way to generate buzz for the music, for the band or artist, is by using the music, not as a product to sell, but as the advert that sells them.

    I guess the fact that what the artist sees as their art, they value more than anything, and more than the value of a fan.

    I can kinda see where they are coming from, but I guess this is why it is so hard to convince them to say, you know what, lets break down the wall, and give the consumer what they want.

    NOW, I of course am not saying that they should make their music FREE to everyone, but what I am saying is “Give it away for free to consumers”

    What do I mean by this?

    I propose that on an artists website (if they have one) they should do the following:
    Have the ability to play all songs written and recorded by the musician.
    Have the ability to download all the songs (together or individually) for free.
    Have the ability to download all the songs (together or individually) for a fee.

    Therefore, we have the try before you buy method of I’ll listen to that first, do I like it, yes I do.

    SO, you are giving the consumer the ability to decide on whether or not they would pay for it.

    BUT I am also not saying, don’t sell your music at shows.

    The artists I speak to have this first impression that I don’t want the musician to make money, but that’s not the case.

    MY view is that the music industry online has become so over saturated that there is very little point to trying to establish yourself ONLINE first.

    I personally think that the modern musician, to become a success, should focus MAINLY OFFLINE.

    Why do I think that?

    WELL, when you go to a gig, or you are playing a show with a couple of other acts, how big is the music industry then? It’s basically 5 musical acts.

    A self contained music industry within four walls.

    It’s mad when you think about it.

    You are not competing with the major acts, the twitter stars, the ones that can produce a good music video, not even a compilation of kitten videos.

    At that moment, you are one of the biggest musical acts in the industry, your own personal music industry that has been created and invited you to the dance.

    This is where you can sell your music, as physical products, to the people who will link the product with the experience, and remember you as an artist.

    Digital strategists are forever saying they don’t want the web to be just a marketing tool, and I agree, but for this instance I would suggest you use your website as a way to get people to know who you are.

  2. Just gonna use this space to think out loud

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    Really don’t know what to write on this page, so I am just gonna use it to post up ideas I think…

    It will all be music related…

    SO, this is the first post of the brain dump…

    Perhaps one day I will find the time to go through all the posts and actually put some of the ideas to practice.

    ANYWAY, forgive the sh*tty page design.. I am going to let it evolve as more and more content gets on it it


    I love you BYE!

  3. A New Start – part 2

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    So, yeah, the Xmas relaunch as mentioned in the previous post (A New Start) didn’t quite happen.

    Having to focus my efforts else where at the time, obviously took priority, and now having to look after LibeRock Records completely on my own, it looks like this site may have to take the back seat for the time coming.

    Saying that, I am probably going to start, blogging here again real soon.

    The “UBP 151″ posts are gonna stop (for the time being), but I am focusing on new projects, so I will use this site as a blog/journal of whats going on in the back room.

    As for the new design? I’ll get something started when I can

  4. 2013 – Things are going to change around here

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    Good morning,

    Things are going to be a little different on the blog for the near future.

    Instead of me drawing all your eyes here, I will not be in fact averting your attention to blogs and articles I have written elsewhere on the web.

    Of course, the best place to come to keep up to date with ME, is here… But I hope the benefits will become apparent as soon as the sun shines :)

    In the mean time, be happy, be good, and I LOVE YOU!


  5. Where Did The Blog Go?



    The blog got wiped.

    Can you believe it?

    Having been working on it for almost two years, after one click… Gone forever.

    It was due to an essential WordPress upgrade.

    I have only myself to blame.

    I used to keep a weekly backup, and I kept up to date with all the updates, but I grew cocky and lazy and thought, many times, “Oh I’ll do that later..”

    So I have had to get WordPress reinstalled on the host, which is never too hard really.

    Apart from of course the sour taste in my mouth as I realise that all my words are gone.

    It really is easy to get a WP blog up and running, even when having to start from scratch again.

    Once I realised what I had done, and what in turn needed to be done, I took a deep breath and completely wiped clean my hosting.

    This would allow me to start again, from the bottom up.

    The easiest way, in my opinion, is to have an FTP client which allows you to literally drag, what you want onto your hosting server from your desktop.

    With a fast connection, it takes 10 mins max.

    Then its just an arduous task of working out the theme you want, what the defaults are etc, but thats all just onanism to most people.

    As you can see, I have reverted to a very simple theme, which I can customise, should I have to.

    You’ll agree it’s very clean and very bare… So you’ll agree I should get writing some content real soon.

    I have come to realise that when an update is due, one should always keep a backup.

    Do it straight away, or you may be too behind the crowd to really keep in front.

    I see this as a new beginning and a great way to start afresh.

    Thank you for sticking by me when the site was away.

    I really do enjoy your company.

  6. The Blogs Triumphant Return


    It is with pleasure and joy that I can announce to you that the blog is due to return on Monday 17th September 2012.

    Make a note in your diaries and your Twitters, because it will be back and spewing out the ridiculous once again before you know it.