Online Service: Do they deserve their fee?

Oct 02 2014

I’ve been wondering what to do with this blog, and I think I have come up with the perfect idea…

Exposing shit things about the attitudes towards the music industry in 2014.

I had an evening causing a little bit of a ruckus to a tweet chat for a company that charges musicians a yearly fee for what… this:

  • Surrounding yourself with like-minded, fellow indie musicians
  • Eligible to apply to our cool events
  • Be on an email list
  • Get featured on the web site
  • “Members Only” Facebook Group
  • Weekly Group Chat (I think this is what I gatecrashed, for free… on Twitter)
  • Get Your Music Reviewed
  • Get Retweeted (RT) on Twitter
  • Get your video featured on YouTube (On the websites own channel, not actually a YouTube feature)
  • Get promoted on ReverbNation (once again, on the website own channel)
  • Submission to our Compilation CDs
  • Industry discounts and resources (Free trials on distribution sites mainly)

People were defending it…

But is there anything on here worth paying anything at all for?

Now, I didnt just go searching this thing out, they invited me to the chat.. I thought I’d tag along…

Asked some of the questions I posted on the “UK Musician Forums” and got asked to stop because there was a Q&A going on about Twitter Lists…

I mean… COME ON!

Are any of you guys interested in apply for this service, designed for musicians… If so… Give me the money instead.

But honestly… If you want any of those things above, FOR FREE, get in contact with me, and I’ll put you in touch with all the right people.

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A New Start – part 2

May 24 2014

So, yeah, the Xmas relaunch as mentioned in the previous post (A New Start) didn’t quite happen.

Having to focus my efforts else where at the time, obviously took priority, and now having to look after LibeRock Records completely on my own, it looks like this site may have to take the back seat for the time coming.

Saying that, I am probably going to start, blogging here again real soon.

The “UBP 151″ posts are gonna stop (for the time being), but I am focusing on new projects, so I will use this site as a blog/journal of whats going on in the back room.

As for the new design? I’ll get something started when I can

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Free Music 2013 – Audio Ramble

Apr 29 2013

An Audio Ramble

What are your opinions?

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I Can Get You More Gigs

Apr 22 2013

Every now and then I get contacted by new artists, and the main thing they are looking for is more gigs.

What do they want gigs for, well, because they need more live practice, more performing experience, because they think they can make some quick money…

A number of different reasons, but usually they never tell me that straight off the bat.

The best way for me to get you the best gigs for your needs is to tell me from the get go.

Be honest and open with promoters and they will give you exactly what you need.

You tell them its to promote a new release, but its really cos you don’t have much of a following in a certain area, you’re not going to make many friends.

I can get you more gigs, just tell me what you want.

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How Can My Band Get Reviews?

Apr 05 2013

Getting reviews is essential for maximum exposure, as they start creating a buzz before your product release, and really good ones end up helping you before, during and after the event itself.

It may be a case that you know a lot of people that can write reviews for you, but more often than not, you will have to look beyond your circle of friends.

There are a few websites that offer you reviews at a cost, and that’s OK to do if you feel you aren’t getting as many as you feel you need, but forwarding copies to press and blogs will get you the reviews you need, as long as you give them enough lead time.

Whilst in the early stages of writing your new release, consider also starting to compile a list of potential reviewers, and then contact them directly to ask if they would be happy to do so.

So when the final mix makes it to their inbox, they will feel that they already have made some sort of connection, rather than just someone sending something that clogs up their spam folder which they weren’t expecting, or weren’t able to review.

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What Is A Launch Party?

Apr 03 2013

A launch party is a party that is usually thrown by a business to promote a release of a product or service.

These are fairly common place in the music industry, as its no unheard of the have a launch party for an artist, a single, an EP or an album.

Good timing of the launch party is crucial, and there are many marketing tips to get this right.

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What Is Buzz?

Apr 01 2013

Buzz is something that is created when a lot of people are talking about a particular interest.

If there is buzz about a particular artist, their recognition will grow, and it would be up to the artist to maintain or increase the buzz to gain maximum exposure.

If there is no buzz about an artist, it would be down to them to start a buzz.

Usually, the artist has no control over the buzz, but there are certain things that some may do to encourage it.

This can be done in many ways, such as announce a tour, release a new track, or falling out of nightclub doorways drunk.

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Should My Band Sell CDs At Shows?

Mar 29 2013

It is very common for bands and artists to sell their CDs at shows.

It can be the best way for a new audience members to remember the name of the act when they get home, rather than them having to remember what the website address is to download their tracks.

I am seeing a lot of new artists giving away flash drives instead, which are preloaded with tracks, photos and website details, which is the new digital equivalent I guess.

My personal opinion would be to go with both the CD and the flash drive, as this gives people the option, and sometimes people do want to have a CD that they can play in their car.

The most important thing you want from shows is that people remember who you are, so make it as easy for them to get what they want, how they want, and they’ll remember you for that.

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How Does My Band Sell Merchandise At Gigs?

Mar 27 2013

Usually, when playing live shows, promoters and venues will provide the artists to sell any merchandise they have, like a promotional stall.

If you do plan on selling merchandise at gigs, I suggest that you keep track of everything that you do sell, and that someone is watching the stock at all times.

Dont overprice your items, but dont under price them either.

Merchanidse can sometimes be generating more income for artists than playing the show itself, so be sure to get a good spot, in good time before the show starts, and make it look as tempting as possible to buy.

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What Is Merchandise?

Mar 25 2013

Merchandise is additional items and products to be sold, and is very common in the music industry.

When it comes to artists selling merchandise, they either do it through their website or when they play live shows.

The most common forms of merchandise would be clothing, posters and badges, but can stretch as far as the imagination allows.

Merchandise is a great way for musicians to earn extra revenue when they are touring, and can sometimes be their main source of income when starting out.

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